Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer's ending

Last day of August. Long weekend. 
A week ago I trimmed the corner of my finger off with the rotary cutter, but I am back at it this weekend.  Today I sewed thru another finger.  Oh my.  

This weekend's projects were to patch a very utilitarian bed-cover slash dog-blanket.  It had multiple holes in it from happy little dog claws rolling and crawling.  I figure I'll just keep adding patches until it totally resembles a Japanese boro cover. 

I put together and quilted my first donation quilt of the year. I am way behind on making donation quilts this year.  This one still needs the binding and washing.  It was made out of a stack of green and aqua scraps, and I put a white french rose in the corner.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Simple quilts.

I enjoy posting my "finishes" here. Thanks to all who look and or comment. :)
I finished up 2 more this weekend, the first is a gender neutral baby quilt that goes with us to Minnesota in a few weeks to another nephew's first baby. 

 The second one is a patriotic quilt for some friends of ours. 
These both went together quick and easy (my type of quilt) and will hopefully put a smile on someones face and wrap them with a hug. 

Saturday, August 02, 2014

French Rose Baby Quilt

Finished a French Rose Baby Quilt today... for my nephews baby girl to be born in October.

This quilt design uses raw edge appliqué, which is fun and shabby and easy to make, but the down part is that quilting over the raw edges is difficult. It washed up wonderful though. Washing is so forgiving on quilting!

I didn't use a pattern, just cut the base blocks, then the flower layers, and the petals. I did cut away the excess fabric under the flowers.  There are tutorials for the French Rose on line. Fun quilt.

Monday, July 07, 2014


We just had our annual week at Flaming Gorge. Camped on the border of Utah and Wyoming at Stateline Cove.  The week was full of boating, fishing, relaxing, cooking, tired dogs, playing kids, etc. Was nice. Also is nice to be home!  

Saturday, May 24, 2014

On going...

What I finished:  The Anniversary quilt. It was a large quilt, about 60" X 80".  Backed with more fmf fabric and bound with a charcoal stripe. 
 What I've been working on:  Hand stitched quilt top. I've been calling the pieces "scales"... like dragon scales.  I started by making a clamshell pillow top and thinking the clamshells would be cool elongated and pointed, and worked up a template for "scales".  I thought it would be a good take-along project for the summer.  I think I am half way done already though, so will finish, add a border, and make a lap throw size quilt. Right now it is about 40" across.  I have a lot of future project ideas that would work with this template... like green tones of a forrest, or neutral linen look with embroidery, or medieval colors for a Dragon scale quilt...  As usual more ideas than time. 
As well as too many ideas, a lot of "should do's". I should work up a pattern to sell since it's uniquely out of my brain... some people make a lot of money off patterns.  Well, again... the time thing.

I am SO GLAD it's a weekend, and a three day one too!

Happy Weekend!  Happy Memorial Day!

I hope I'm not burning my dutch oven chicken wings!!!