Saturday, August 19, 2006

No New Posts!

I better throw out an explanation here ... we are moving. Art has stopped, and computer time is practically nil. I will be "away" for about 6 weeks of packing and moving.
Good-bye beautiful yard!
The move is fortunately only about 10 miles, but the coordinating out of one house and into the other is the tough part - may need a storage shed in between. The transitioning of my wander-lust black cat will be difficult. She loves our current yard and the hill behind.
So to all my blogging friends... I'll try to throw out a comment here and there, but I really won't be around much for a spell! XO, Cat

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back to the Birds

We went back and painted the protective finish on the logs this weekend. I came home with more bird pictures to share. Here is one of the robin nest with the babies growing speckled and adorable.

Sweet hummingbirds...

The hummingbirds in the wee morning hours.

At times the hummingbird feeder would be swarmed with at least a dozen birds trying to get to the food. They are getting fattened up for their migration.

All for now!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Saturday was our anniversary - 10 years of love love love love - We would of loved to go to Sturgis for our anniversary (motorcycle rally)... but didn't... Instead we spent a wonderful weekend power washing Mom's home:

I supervised... the guys worked...My 16 year old son brought his muscle and helped.

And they spared 2 Robin nests with eggs and babies in them. The mama robins stayed close by watching out.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Bird in My Heart

This is a busy piece representing the need to fly within me. The bird within. The embellishments are collaged onto an antique crazy quilt that had many thread bare fabric pieces. Crazy quilts are so much like life - such a combination of good times and bad times and so many thread-baring experiences to go thru! Those experiences, although tough, make our lives beautiful and ourselves more understanding of other's hardships.
I'm pulling from last year's creations again, I have been bombarded with ripe tomatoes and busy days!