Sunday, January 31, 2010

January's quilt tops

January's quilt tops
This is a quilt top of uneven strips with verses on some of the strips.

I have yet to finish the "Seeking Sun" top.

And one day... make them into real quilts!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

White and Gray

Just wanted to share this picture my sweetie took while he was snowmobiling.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ditty Bags... continued.

Thank you to all of you who have volunteered to make some totes and fill them with goodies! I'm sure you can picture a sweet child holding tightly to his little bag of treasures in such frightening times.

Here is Annie checking out a batch of ditty bags
to make sure that none of her stuffed toys are off to Haiti....
...see that nose a working!
See previous post for information
on making totes and where to mail them.
Just a note about the mailing time frame...
Don't worry about the end of January so much,
RHFH didn't post a deadline shipping date,
they will have a large shipment going at some point
and will be able to take other items as
their people travel to and from Haiti.
Check out these totes!
Let's fill those little hands and hearts of the children of Haiti!
Some people have asked about sending other donation items
here is the link to a request put out by the Rescue Center:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hope Ditty Bags for Haiti Children

Hope Ditty Bags

With some essential items...
and a toy.

For Haiti Children.
Simple. Fast. Easy to make.

Can you help?

Please say YES!

Let's make up some Hope Ditty Bags for the Children in Haiti.

Here is a tutorial for a simple drawstring bag.
Here is another one.

You can make these or others of your choice,
you can even buy the inexpensive small canvas totes...
paint or decorate them...

The one's I'm making are about 11" across by 13" high, I'm using clothesline rope as the drawstrings. Make sure you leave a nice big area for the drawstrings to go thru.
Put inside:
1 toothbrush
1 travel size toothpaste
3 granola bars
1 small toy

Then mail to:

Debbie Woodward
1500 Jackson Street NE
Mineapolis, MN 55413

She is part of Real Hope for Haiti and is collecting donation items to be sent to Haiti.
RHFH has a rescue center and an orphanage in Haiti.

Due date: As soon as you can, it looks like shipment will go the first of March.

Here is a list of their needs.

Leave a comment that you are participating!
Post your totes-for-tots on your blog!

And... check out this blog becausehecalled.
It's real.

Pink Coin Quilt top

Here is the pink coin quilt top sewn together.
I had looked at tutorials online and found one that said to be sure and pin the strips together or else they won't line up. She was right, the stacked coins seem to stretch easy when sewing to the joiner strips. My pieces were not all exact, but I did get a straight edge at the ends.
Last weekend was great and we came home to a storm that cleared our air here,
so now inbetween storms we can see blue skies : )

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Seeking SUN

This week we have had an inversion and the air has been foggy and yucky. Reportedly the worst air in the country here in the valley that runs north and south of Salt Lake City. It tends to dull the spirit to live in such a gray world.

In my seeking sun quest, I have worked on my orange modified coin quilt pieces... and have finished 6 strips.

We are going to seek sun ourselves and head South this morning to St. George for the weekend. Looking forward to 50's and 60's temps, blue skies, SUNSHINE!!! Maybe even a little hike in the red rock country.

May you have sunshine and joy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Orange Beginnings

I love orange.
I couldn't find a lot of orange fabrics,
but this is the beginnings.
No plan yet.
Just sewing
pieces together.
It will take shape and develop...
Now it is simply a wish for summer
orange and yellow and blue skies...
...instead of the white and gray.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Ugly Quilt

Here is progress on the UGLY quilt that I started the first of the year. It used up old old scraps. The quilt top is complete now... and waiting to be sandwiched and stitched.
Anyone out there going to start an ugly quilt?

Flowers in the Forest

This piece was sewn from the edge scraps disgarded from the coin quilt pieces. Just a little fun...

Progress on the coin quilt is waiting until I get fabric to sew the stacks together with.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

The year of the quilt

I'm going to make quilts this year. I haven't made actual quilts for a long long time. They will be lap quilts or twin bed size and very very simple. I dislike matching corners (thus the crazy quilts in the past).

Pictured is the beginnings of a coin quilt. I am sewing strips together that are 2 1/4" X 15", then will cut it into thirds (5" strips) for the coin stacks. I picked out what I could of brown/pink/red tones from my stash.

I also started on a more primitive looking modified coin quilt from way old scrap stash. It is UGLY!!!! I like the pinks better!

But this is my resolution for 2010... MAKE QUILTS.

Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.

Enlarge to read the above.
If you can't read it...
here is the main jest..
We have been in Chicago,
and at the Great Lakes
Naval Training Center
to see Levi Graduate.
Fabulous Ceremony.
Awesome young men.
Sad to say good-bye again.
That was 2009.
Now it's 2010.
What will this year bring?

Prayers for PEACE
if not world
then in your heart.

I hope each one who visits here
is touched this year with
love and peace and understanding.