Saturday, January 21, 2012

First try at Shibori

It was a hard week at work. Long days, deadlines, new projects, and with a head cold. Bahhhh. I kept thinking to myself, "I just want to dye". LOL. I planned on trying Shibori this weekend... and that was the dyeing I wanted to do.Here is my first attempt.
I used a heavy muslin, I think a medium weight would give me results with more dye seeping thru.
I folded the fabric, then folded again in accordion triangles, tied it together firmly, then dyed.

I'm seeing this maybe as a quilted table runner.
I'm seeing more tries at Shibori...

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Good Morning!

Mug rugs are hot. I like them because they are mini quilts. I can sew up a new idea, and not have to wait a year to finish it (I'm a slow quilt maker!). Instant gratification. Not to mention enjoy a cup of coffee sitting on a little piece of quilted art. This one developed from the urge to dye some light weight canvas, blue, cloud-like. I cut the piece of dyed fabric in 2" strips and then sewed together a log cabin block. It needed something...a black crow with just a little detail stitched in.