Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

2nd Healing Garden Quilt

Finished the 2nd Healing Garden Quilt and got it listed on etsy. I totally enjoyed doing the quilting on it, in fact I enjoyed everything about making the quilt.
The fabrics are from Kaffe Fassett's collection (except the back). The quilting is very close and dense - should make for a soft quilt after washing.
I've also made up a few table runners. Some inspired by Japanese zen gardens (sand raking) with rows and rows of stitches at about 1/4" apart.
And playing with shot cotton - woven beauties - to created this long runner.
I've been able to get a lot of sewing done over the past couple weeks, but am going to launch back into an overtime vigil tomorrow with my job, so will have to cut back on the quilting fun.

Happy weekend all!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Quilting flowers and leaves

I've started quilting on a second Healing Garden quilt this morning and have decided to try an all over design of flowers and leaves and swirls. All I've quilted on big quilts has been a meandering stipple and straight lines, so this is new to me. I've done extensive designs on small 8x10 pieces, but not a large quilt. It's hard to move that much fabric around smoothly and as I want to!

I'm working on keeping those stitches more uniform size... and other than that it's just fun to go totally free-style!