Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ditty Bags... continued.

Thank you to all of you who have volunteered to make some totes and fill them with goodies! I'm sure you can picture a sweet child holding tightly to his little bag of treasures in such frightening times.

Here is Annie checking out a batch of ditty bags
to make sure that none of her stuffed toys are off to Haiti....
...see that nose a working!
See previous post for information
on making totes and where to mail them.
Just a note about the mailing time frame...
Don't worry about the end of January so much,
RHFH didn't post a deadline shipping date,
they will have a large shipment going at some point
and will be able to take other items as
their people travel to and from Haiti.
Check out these totes!
Let's fill those little hands and hearts of the children of Haiti!
Some people have asked about sending other donation items
here is the link to a request put out by the Rescue Center:


lindaharre said...

Cat....Thanks so much for posting this! I got busy right away and made up my bags. I have wanted to do SOMETHING, but didn't know what to do! Your post gave me direction.......Thanks again. Hugs, Linda

One Crabapple said...

Yeh I got mine made too. Sending tomorrow.

Oh all those toys - and not for ANNIE !

(hi annieeeee)

Your totes are so colorful and sweet.

Eyes will open BIG with HOPE

the minute they see them

and little hands will be pulling them open to see whats inside....


xoTHANKS for this project - I am marveling at the Ripple Effect too.

Phyllis said...

Hey Cat,

I sewed up three bags last night. I'll get the items to put inside and have them in the mail Friday. The bags are so incredibly quick to make!

Judy Hartman said...

Sent off my tote bags yesterday and felt good doing it. Thanks, Cat, for sharing this idea. I do picture a little one carrying one of these bags... a drop in the bucket, but it's something.
Bless you for organizing this.

Darla said...

thanks so much for answering me quickly! i am exciting to do this. have a great weekend!

Jeannette said...

Great link to RHFH. i just read quite a bit there about what they are doing. Thanks for shining some light on them with your beautiful bags. Glad I found your blog through Julie.

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Cat,

Your bags are so bright and cheerful and will be so loved! Love the picture of Annie making sure mom was't shipping her stuffed toys off to Haiti! :)

Our bags were shipped on Monday, February 1st. I just posted them on my blog yesterday.

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful idea! It warmed our hearts to help. I can imagine how much a bag like this would mean to a child and the smile and *hope* it will bring!

You are a sweetheart for sharing this beautiful idea with us all. Thank you!

Take care. I'm off to see other totes stitched from the heart too! XO ~Lisa

P.S. Hope you and you Valentine are having a special day!