Sunday, September 17, 2006

Leaving behind...

I leave behind a yard that my husband and I worked very hard on. We cleared weeds and overgrowth and planted grass and trees and flowers. It is like a private park.

I leave behind this land-mark; the Cinedome 70 - movie theatres that were built in 1970 and had the best sound of their time... but couldn't compete with the modern theatres, and sit empty now... hoping someone will have a good business idea. Possibly the worlds best Hooters?

I leave behind this view from my windows... I will still see it but from farther away. These mountains are called the Wasatch Range. See the snow - it's fresh from last night!!! yahoo yippee!! These mountains are full of campgrounds, ski resorts, and terrific places to snowmobile in the winter and curvy canyon roads to motorcycle in the summer. Our playground!

Other than that I leave behind 2 busy freeways, lots and lots of traffic, noisy jets, and a few choice neighbors (ha). I can hardly wait! 10 more days!


Anonymous said...

From Joy: You are leaving a beautiful spot - the view of the mountains is breathtaking. But you are only moving 10 miles away and I'm sure you will enjoy "making a new nest" and creating a wonderful yard and garden! Good luck and good wishes. . . .

Maryellen said...

The Wasatch Range also has so many many gorgeous trails to hike, which I have set foot on. Are you moving to Colorado, or still to be in Utah? Just curious. I joined blog long after you probably talked about this move. Leave me a clue and I'll go read about it. I'm curious.

Cat said...
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nancy said...

How wonderful that you improved the land and made it more beautiful and usable. Will you have the opportunity to have land or access to land at you new location?

How far is the Wasatch Range "playground" from you? With the snow up there I imagine that you are getting the snowmobiles ready.

Remember the good things and leave the others. Best wishes on a trouble-free move.

Maryellen said...

to answer your question
Lone Peak Trail, but did not make the top, just a day hike towards, passing through. I actually did some hiking in you youth with my parents in the Wasatch in Idaho and another time in Wyoming, but I couldn't tell you the name of the trails, I was a kid. My parents on our road trip vacations did the 3 miles in 3 miles out type hikes on our vacations. Almost every day too. Thus I hike to this day. Don't know any better. LOL

MariaJ said...

Oh this is gonna be so exciting to see where you move. Please show us someday pics of your new garden. Are there any plants, is the yard bigger, do you already know what to do with it etc.
Your view looks wonderful, mountains are so mysterious to me. We dont have them in Finland, only some big hills.
Your quilts are so unique, I havent seen anything like that before. Each of them is a masterpiece.
(Oh your dog is so cute too)

miss*R said...

you can always go back for a ride on the harley, for old times sakes ;) any excuse to get on your bike, I think!

miss*R said...

or should that be Harley with a capital ? hee, hee :)

Naturegirl said...

Absolutely gorgeous view from your bedroom..your backyard picturesque as an oil painting!
Now like a frog LEAP FORWARD>>>>begin a new.Hugs NG

pinar said...

beautiful views really.. of the mountains and the garden..
I still feel a sadness deep inside..
but dream about planning a new garden and home .. isn't it joyful.. and don't forget about the traffic highways and so..

kansasrose said...

Oh what beauty there!... mountains view from your kitchen window, in your back yard...your giant "hooters"lol, But a new home to make a PLACE...your place to carve out and fill with love and memory too. It's exciting! I miss you! Take care, Love, kansasrose

One Crabapple said...

My goodness - what a GORGEOUS view !

And you are kidding ! you got snow !


I am crying about the backyard as many wonderful times there.
I know you will make new memories in the next yard.
This one is undoubtedly a paradise and I know it is so hard to let it go.

The Domes ? SPA !! Make it a SPA ! complete with hot pools and saunas and body scrubs and massage.....ahhhhhhh!

Great photos Cat.
Keep that packing tape
and boxing up going Girl !

Only ten days left !!!


xxxXXXXX - S.

vicci said...

Cat....I'm anxious to see your new place....change is so scares me at times...although I know things usually work out for the will make ANYplace you live in...beautiful!!!!

Cat said...

The mountains are only a short short drive - I can be at the mouth of the canyon in 5-10 minutes. I'll have to go get photos as the leaves are turning and blog it if I get a chance.
A strip of towns here in Utah sit right against the mountains, from Logan to Ogden to Salt Lake City to Provo... It's really nice.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

the hooter dome, lol, you are too funny!
I am certain your new place holds magic too!

Maryellen said...

I keep coming over every day or so to see if you've posted pic's of your new home. You must really be in the throws of moving hayhem right about now. It is so fun, hard, exhausting, etc. Like putting together a mommoth jigsaw puzzle.

Gerry said...

I too miss looking at those mountains. We moved from Sandy 3 years ago. We're in the Houston, Texas area now. Where everything is FLAT, FLAT, FLAT! No more windy, curvey roads, no more canyons, and no more quicky trips to Evanston.

We lived around 20th East & 9400 So. We used to ride our Harley's up to Snowbird, Parleys, Big Cottonwood canyons. And would often grab a garlic burger and beer with friends at the Cotton Bottom afterward.

Good luck to you, where ever it is that you are moving to.