Saturday, November 11, 2006

Angel Ornament


Jill said...

These are just BEEEEEautiful!!!!!

Anita said...

Oh, that is in fact more than B E A U T I F U L!!!!!
I LOVE your style, I have never this such things before.
Thanks a lot for inspiring my (my first quilting heart is ready!!!!)
Hope you have a great week-end with your grandson.

One Crabapple said...

oh the colors on this are delicious.

I think this is my favorite Christmas ornament in the series yet....

It is very sweet and soft and definitely CHRISTMAS !

That is different with the way that you put the beads up the side in sets of three / four

and the fuzzy fiber is couched on there perfectly. Just the right touch for the angel blessing.

You sure are good.

Carol said...

I love this one!!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is my favorite.
I think.
It's so hard to choose just one.

Susan said...

These are all wonderful. What in the world is the hanger made from?