Saturday, December 16, 2006

Terriers and snowflakes in the mail!

Beth and I swaped ATC's of our Terriers. Her's is a frisky lookin' Terrier named LADY. These came in today's mail - they are wonderful!

Lady is a well dressed Terrier, doesn't her flower match her eyes well!?

And here Lady is wishing us a merry little Christmas...

And here is Blue's first Christmas card, from Lady of course!

Woowhooo!!! I've got a ladyfriend!!!

Thanks BETH!!!! We love them!

In today's mail also... a beautiful hand stitched snowflake from Nancy. I love snowflakes!


Naturegirl said...

Those ATC's are wonderful! How talented is that Beth.. Blue looks so.. so..cute!
Love the Harley riding Blue!
Have a very *Merry Christmas* in your
~* NEW*~ home Cat. Hugs NG

Beth said...

Lady and I are so happy that you and Blue like them. They were so fun to make. We Love Blue on the Harley,,too cute! Have a great Sunday, Cat!

Anonymous said...

The ATC's are great. I really like the hand stitched snowflake.

Anonymous said...

The dog cards are too cute! All of them. I really like the snowflake, too. I think it's pretty simple, but it looks so complex!

Anita said...

Very pretty dogs! Oh, I need to try to create my first ATC, too!
CQ and ATC... oohh, lots of new and interesting challenges for me in 2007!

Anonymous said...

From Joy: Lucky Blue - recieving cards from a darling "lady" friend!!! The pic of Blue on the Harley is just toooooo much - so cute. Zuke sends you and Blue a Merry Christmas bark. He is still hanging in there, thank God.

The snowflake is so beautiful, enjoy it.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

The blue eyed motorcycle star!! Too funny and cute!!

Anonymous said...

These are all so cute of Beth's dog, but love the motorcycle shot tooooooo! Whooo hooooo! And the snowflake is so gorgeous.

Have a holly jolly Cat. 6 more days.

One Crabapple said...

How cute LADY and BLUE !

how did I miss this ? memory fog....I think this must have been the trouble posting on blogger week.

Love the snowflake . Nice job Nancy

see what an inspiration you are Cat.