Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Enough Snow?

Just had to post this picture! It's a person I work with and he is shoveling off his garage. And, no, he is not short, but probably about 6 ft tall.
Is that a lot of snow or what! Unbelievable, huh!!!
Ya gotta love it!


CattyCat said...

Yikes! This reminds me why I have lived in Cali all my life. This is unbelievable. It is amazing the roof does not collapse with that much snow on it. Insane.

I was looking down your blog and I love the series of cards from 1/20 - 2/1. They are just fantastic. Reminds me I haven't told you, I'm going to make a quilt. Bedspread size. It will probably start being on my blog. I assume it will take years for me. LOL 1024 squares, 3" sq finished. Quilt 96" x 96". All burgundies and reds. I committed to it by buying some quarter pieces at JoAnns. I plan to buy a lot of the material at thrift stores soon and garage sales this summer. Fun fun. Watch for it.

Cheering your biker weather returns sooner than later.

Sandra Evertson said...

Holy cow!
Sandra Evertson
Love your fabric collage below!

Barbara said...

wow..I have never seen such a lot of snow in my country...wow..

Gail said...

I can see why he wants to get it off the roof....WOW! Is this kind of snow good to go snowmobiling or would you sink???? Can you tell I do not know much about snow? Hang in there girl, spring is just around the corner. Love the pieces you are giving for the Breast Cancer Fund. BE BLESSED :-)

Henny said...

Oh yes, enough!!
But please send a little bit to me, we want to for skiing in March!

Laurie & Chris said...

Holy Cow!! We have no snow and we live in NY!!!!

Shop girl said...

Great picture Cat...O My Gosh,it makes my snow look like no snow. We go to a cabin in Cascade to play in the snow, that's kind a what it looks like right now. My Son went skiing this morning and got cought in a blizzered coming down from Bogus Basin. I keep thinking we are done, we will see.
Love your heart! Mary

Lenka said...

Oh WOW!!!!!! Remind me my childhod on Kamchatka! WOW!!!! I can't believe!