Saturday, June 07, 2008


Busy days in the summer...

The arbor [pergola] is progressing.
(Thanks to Gerry for the pergola word)
When it is done it will have orange roses called "Blaze of Glory" climbing on a trellis on one side, and lavender Wisteria and a lavender Clematis climbing on a trellis on the other.
The iris have bloomed... actually they are getting near done blooming.
The garden is growing! The front row is all peppers, the reason they are staked is that it gets windy out here once in a while and last year I lost a pepper plant in a wind storm.
The next row is tomatoes followed by onions. The back row is a couple of cucumbers and a zucchini, and more peppers that you can't see, and potato plants (3).
Here is a potato plant, my first ever to try.

All for now... Enjoy Summer!


мiтzi c. said...

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Bethel of Bethania said...

Cat everything is growing like wildfire - must be a mad growing time up there ... do you have the black plastic around your plants to keep them warm or just to keep the moisture in ... some people do that here but it's to keep the moisture in.
Myy you will enjoy your arbor/ entertainment area - next summer maybe more so, when the lovely Blaze of Glory, wisteria & clematis are growing in full swing... we have an area like this along the whole back of our house & you walk out from the kitchen to it ... it's everybodies fav place to sit & talk... B

Cat said...

The black stuff is a weed gaurd - and that's the main reason I use it is to keep the weeds down. I guess it is also good for warmth and moisture! Annie likes to go lay down on it.

We woke to frost this morning - burrr.

nanabuzlife said...

Your Arbor is wonderful, think Gary would come make me one? He he I love how he work's in the yard with you, not all husband's like being in the yard. It is beautiful!
Love Nanabuzlife

Gerry said...

Love the pergola. I didn't know Wisteria would grow there. It will be beautiful!!!!

Good luck with the potato plant. Ours didn't work out so well last year. LOL.

Shopgirl said...

Your garden is lovely. It looks so neat and loved. I can hardly wait for a real tomato. I will download our garden and share it, but is not as neat as yours.
Love flowers that vine,this will be so beautiful.
It feels more like fall that late spring here. I am complaining!!!! Hugs, Mary

Linda said...

Wow, you've been busy Cat! A salsa garden - what a brilliant idea. You've inspired me!
Love Linda xx

Beth said...

The pergola is looking awesome! And wow at your garden too. I have some nice flat full sun at the new house but no time to plant gardens this sumemr. Trying to get the old house up for sale ASAP so too much working on it to make garden. Next year I am will have a awesome one.

Gail said...

Just stopping by to see what you've been up to. I LOVED the last artwork. I know what you mean about being outside when it is nice
I love playing in the dirt. I can not have a good garden, we have to much shade. Yours looks like it is in a good spot. Thanks for all the neat pictures so we can know what you have been up to. BE BLESSED:-)