Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Painted Horses to Iron Horses

Downtown Ogden... you will see a painted horse... you'll see 2 more by the fountain in the background, and they dot a few of the corners. Link to Painted Horses. The building is the train station.
Looking the other direction... you'll see our iron horses.
The view is east on "Two-bit street" (25th Street).
It looks pretty mild, doesn't it.

"Crime boss Al Capone commented in the 1920s that Ogden was too wild a town for him." [Historic 25th].

It's not that way now.. at least during the daylight!


Judy S. said...

Fun! We saw painted bison in Cody, WY, recently and the real thing in Yellowstone. Lots of iron horses like yours, too!

Barbara said...

...we have painted cows in see painting animals all over the world...
xox Barbara

judypatooote said...

We have painted frogs here in toledo....huge ones.... Your painted horse is ready much prettier than our frogs...our frogs are really gaudy.... judy

Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day Cat, Love the painted horses ... are they there all the time? We had painted cows that were around the city everywhere but they used to travel as they were a fund raising venture - I must look into where they are now but I do know there are two out at our International AirPort.
Love your 'iron'horses they look like they could be a lotta fun ... luv ... B

Bethel of Bethania said...

Barbara I wonder if your cows are the same mould as ours here in Oz... I will try & find a photo & put it on my blog ... interesting ... B [again]

My Ladies Fine Designs said...

What a cute town. The horses are cool. I love the mountains in the background. WOW

3rdEyeMuse said...

that painted horse looks pretty amazing ... the bikes, on the other hand, are DREAMY. :)

One Crabapple said...

Heyyy The Painted Horses look pretty cool. Thanks for the link. Have you seen most of them yourself ?

Pretty NICE Iron Horses !

So Ogden WAS wild and wooly , no kidding. I read that link and it sounds like it was definitely akin to DEADWOOD !

Underground Bootlegger Tunnels....think they still use em ?

Fun Post !

Maureen said...

Love both those Horses Cat, hope Annie is doing ok?

Gerry said...

Nice play on words, there! You're staying pretty sharp, it seems. It's nice to see you out and about. The weather is certainly perfect for it.

I haven't been to Ogden for years. But I have always heard that it's full of hellions. LOL.

Give a big hug to sweet little Annie for us. We so hope that she is feeling better - poor thing.

Take care!

Jacky said...

I have four of the painted horses (the miniature collectables of course). Wonderful art!


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