Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ahhh... Fabric!

All of you know that I have been trying to explore new mediums. Still am. I got this way cool watercolor journal that I haven't even marked yet... I will... It's a little daunting to be new...
And then... I did an exchange with Bumblebeans... and she sent me this totally beautiful quiltie. If you enlarge the picture you will see a stitched bird and even words! AND it put fabric in my hands again... and... well, I've missed it. I've missed it a lot.
This piece has inspired me and sent me back into my comfort zone of fabric... but still wanting to learn new... my fingers are still saying No to hand-work. I have quilt tops to finish... maybe there is a new turn in the road.


Shopgirl said...

I think you could do both....You could sometimes make your water color into a transfer and put it on fabric and then stitch away. You have a real talent in this water color, and you know I love what you can do with fabric...just something to think about.
Hugs, your Mary

CattyCat said...

I'm with shopgirl above. Maybe promise yourself you can do a fabric piece for every 2-5 pages in your new book. That way you can break into "paper" gently.

One Crabapple said...

We DO Miss Your Quilting

even tho !

Loving the new art too !

And it all works together anyway, doesn't it really ?

That new journal looks great.

You just gotta JUMP IN!

Make a page "JUMPING IN"

just to get you over the hump.

psst, do you love the smell of NEW paper ?

or is it just me ?

Looking forward to whatever you decide to do and post next !

ITs-ALLLL-Gooood !

3rdEyeMuse said...

beautiful treat you got from the exchange & I'm pretty sure I heard the book begging for you to open it and start filling its blank pages. :)

Bethel of Bethania said...

wooh you are a lucky girl this is a lovely art quilt ... don't fret now I'm sure you can accomodate both crafts you are so great at them both ... I know at times I miss the stamping & painting but I'm having fun with the fabric & it's easy enough to just slip back & throw some paint on a board ... lol OOroo ... Bethel

Julie H said...

Oh Cat I miss your quilting, but you must do what feels right for you. Enjoy the art.

Gerry said...

Looks like you're getting pretty serious about this! It will be fun watching your progress.

ChrisJ said...

I came to visit you through River's Living.

I like your art work especially. I have never been much of a sewer since the sewing teacher shouted at me when I was about seven! But I do love to draw. I too like pen and ink, but I have been using prisma colors with it. I haven't done much water color lately because my hand shakes, but maybe if I try to keep within the lines, it might work. I think I'll have a go.