Monday, June 22, 2009

Windmill at Sunset

"Windmill at Sunset"
Very simple.
Does it talk to you?

Windmills speak to me.
They say.... strong in the wind.
...make positive use of problems.
...stand tall.



your just doodling away over there!
love windmills, out here we have those big wooden house structure ones... very cool.

Beth said...

Thats beautiful! I Love windmills. I have a small one in my front flower bed that hub gave me one mother's day. It kind of squeeks now when it is turning but I love to hear it.
Hope its cooler there than it is here,,plain old HOT and HUMID!!!!
Lady says "arf arf to the Terrier gang!

Judy Morphis said...

You are a talented lady. I love your style.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Love windmills! I wish I had a
real one making electric for me....
Cat, I wanted to be a follower of yours, I love your blog so much...
I could not find a Follow now your site. It is suppose to be there, isn't?

Phyllis said...

Well, I think you just made my day with your thoughts. I'm taking them to heart.