Monday, September 07, 2009

Camping in the Aspens

We spent the weekend camping (again) up in the mountains on "Lightening Ridge".
We were in a wide opening surrounded by Aspen trees and some pine trees.

I practiced a little pencil sketching of the Aspens...
and added a rabbit...

The view was tremendous, and we were only about an hour's drive from home.

Annie spent much of her time looking underground.

Thanks to everyone for the comments on my cat thread sketches!
I hope everyone's weekend was wonderful.


Judy Hartman said...

The first thing I thought when I saw the birches was how inspiring they would be for a piece of artwork!
Then I scrolled down and saw your sketch! Looks wonderful, especially with the bunny - will you do it in thread?
Glad you had a great weekend!

beedeebabee♥ said...

I knew you'd be fantastic with a pencil in hand, especially since you can draw so well with a sewing machine for Pete's sake! I love your sketch!!! ... Boy does that ever look like God's country to me. Breathtaking! What was Annie looking for down there?... the little cutie! Hugs, Paulette

Anonymous said...

Love the cat thread pictures and Annie looks so cute. I really like your sketch with your rabbit. I love to draw rabbits though I haven't for a bit. Maybe I'll try a rabbit in the style I just finished my horse in though I'm thinking I might try a bear. Glad to hear camping was so fine! The scenery looks wonderful. Thanks for stopping by, I always look forward to what you have to say.

Werna Gail said...

I just saw the cats, they are great
Annie reminds me of that wooden yard art that is so cute.... what a beautiful place and I can see how you were inspired to draw. I finally did a post, it has been over a month. BE BLESSED

Art4Sol said...

I can see why you were so inspired... absolutely beautiful country. You did a wonderful interpretation....such talent!

Phyllis said...

How nice to be so close to such beauty!

Annie looks like she's having a great time :)

One Crabapple said...

oh gorgeous

what a beautiful place

you must have had wonderful peace

and good rest

Annie is in a fox hole !!!

Look at her goooo

Gerry said...

I must have missed this post. The photos of the aspens is beautiful. They are one of my favorite trees.

The sketch is really cute. Love the bunny, there!

Annie just cracks me up. Did she find anything in her underground adventures? LOL. Chinese food, maybe?????