Sunday, February 14, 2010

String Quilts

String quilts fascinate me. This first picture is one that was made during WWII by my Great Grandmother.
Along with it are a number of unfinished blocks, sewn onto a 1944 Tulsa Daily World newspaper. The articles are all about the war, about Pearl Harbor, and voting, and the advertisements are about fashion, Coco-Cola, and wedding rings.
I will not be removing this fragile bit of history from the fabric blocks, but will leave it as is. Framing may be an option for a couple of the blocks - with the backside showing!

Meanwhile, I am experimenting with some sting quilting myself. I am using 8.5" squares of copy paper for my base, some of my warm toned fabric, and smaller stitches so the base paper can be torn off easily.

I am placing some rather wide "strings" of off-white down the center to carry inspirational messages, and I plan on joining the blocks together with the black and white polka-dot fabric shown.
String quilts are an easy project and a good way to use up bits of fabric from the scrap bin. If you are looking for further inspiration on string quilts, click here.


One Crabapple said...

oh wow, where to start here !

My old eyes have to enlarge still to see some MORE

but am I loving this post , or WHAT ?

These are the quilts I didn't get to SEE - and I never had heard of "STring Quilts"

But I sure want to try now!

I LOVE these HOT colors and then , way to make it POP even more - adding the b&w frame this way.

wow. Whatta A TREAT - This is a GREAT Valentine.

Thank You- now going to get my specs and look some MORE - like at the article and ads....wonderful amazing stuff there. Wouldn't disturb them either. Very cool collector's item - definitely. But then knowing your GREAT GRAM made Whatta a wondeful KEEPSAKE and connection to her.


Deborah said...

I wonder if Great Grandma would have ever imagined that the back would be as priceless as the front. I love her yummy colors. J.C. Penney's! I love the dress for $7.90. On to yours...the messages are so Baumcat and will make this one carry a message on the FRONT! The skinny black and white dot is a nice touch.

Judy S. said...

Love the black and white dots with your other colors, Cat. Also found the rest of your post very interesting as I was born in Tulsa and a toddler at the time of your GGM's quilt making. Wouldn't it be funny if she knew my folks?

Pursuing Art... said...

The string quilt your Great Grandmother made is gorgeous. What a treasure! How neat to have extra blocks with the newspaper attached. I wouldn't remove the history either and it would look fantastic framed.

Love your string's beautiful! I really like that you are adding inspirational messages on it. The polka dot fabric looks fabulous too. I've always wanted to learn to quilt!

Ticker Tape is a very *HAPPY* quilt. It's so bright and cheerful and I love that you used scraps from the ditty bags!

Stay happy and keep celebrating life! ~Lisa

PaperPumpkin said...

Oh my, Cathy! Your String quilt keepsake is unbelievibly bautiful and precious!! It's so wonderful to have such family history. I love that you are going to keep it as is and frame it with the newspaper articles of the times! Oh wow. My grama would so have loved you!♥ I do! Happy Valentine's Day!

Bethel of Bethania said...

Woow this is outstanding Cat, loving the colours & that special touch of yours with the words...
I could see a story being told in a quilt for a loved one... maybe on who is far away... wonderful work... I can see where you get your inspiration... OOroo... Bethel

Phyllis said...

Hi Cat!

What a pretty color combination on your latests. I would never have thought to use the black and white dots with them....very striking!

What a treasure the old quilt and the newspapers are. Yes, you are right to frame them.

When you get a chance, pop over and see the quilt I made. I'll never be as adept as you are with that type of work, but I'm proud of how it turned out. Everybody has to start at the beginning, right?

Have a good day :)

Shopgirl said...

A delightful treasure...
And the one you make with be a treasure for someone who loves you.
Have a soft day, Mary

beedeebabee♥ said...

Wow Cat! You always amaze me...and this doesn't look easy to me!!! ... Your grammie's quilt is such a treasure, front AND back! and just like always, your quilt is looking beautiful! I love how you "write" things on your creations, it adds to their specialness ... I hope your Levi is doing well, I'm keeping him in my thoughts....I found a lovely blog I think you'll like. Like you, Donna is very sweet and talented, AND she rides a bike too! I keep forgetting to tell you about her. Donna's blog is I hope you had a great Valentine's day! xoxo Paulette ;)

Darla said...

how special to have that piece of are just too good. i certainly enjoy seeing all of your progress with all of these quilts. i hope that one day i will get to try this out. :D

Werna Gail said...

What a great post, and thanks for all the neat links. I really like the idea of the white strips to wrtie on. Have you considered double glass for your grandmothers treasure? Maybe it could be hung in the open so you could see both sides?

lindaharre said...

Cat.............Sure love this pattern...never saw it before. What a great way to use your scraps:) Check out my sis and I filled 60 more bags for Haiti...YEA!!!!!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Love your messages and the polka dot -- great choices.

The 1944 newspaper pieces are a treasure. A nice dress for less than $8 -- that's a keeper!