Saturday, May 15, 2010

All Planted

Save my Back Gardening
All my vegetables are above ground now
to the perfect height to sit in my yard chair to tend.
My sweetie built the composite wood beds last year,
he put the grid up for tomato support this past week.
In front of the tomatoes I planted peppers since they don't
get so large. Kind of like the square foot gardening technique.
I added 4 whiskey barrels this year
for the overflow.
They have squash in them, and a Roma tomato in one.

We're still thinking of what to put over the black weed block. We have large bark in a couple places in the yard and the dogs carry it off to chew on...
I love planting... and then I love an easy garden!
Happy Weekend all!!


Beedeebabee said...

Hi Cat! Now that's the way to do it! I don't like all that squatting and bending anymore knees just kill me. Your garden boxes are great, nice size too. Have fun tending without the bending!!! xo Paulette

One Crabapple said...

Oh I love seeing this

WOW what a lot of work since I saw it !

Kudos to The Sweety there !

Looks fantastic

what a great idea, putting up the tomato support that way and yay for easier on the back , eh ?


yummo , the thot of sun warmed / ripened TOMATO

xo- S.

One Crabapple said...

spiders will miss that damp grass this year !

gravel coverage ? The small roundy stuff ?

lawnmower would love that I guess

Brynwood Needleworks said...

This aaallllmoooost makes me what to start a garden. I hope you'll continue to show us your progress as the plans grow.
Happy Sunday!

PaperPumpkin said...

Great garden, Cat! Organized, efficient, AND pretty! I can see some of your sweet jack pack in the background!! ♥

Bethel of Bethania said...

Woow your above the ground veggie planting looks great... something I would like to do myself but...
anyhow that is no doubt why I like pot-plants much easier to care for... Hope your weather is kind to your planted garden...

Julie Bagamary said...

We have above ground gardens this year too.

Art4Sol said...

This is wonderful!!!!

Werna Gail said...

I really like the idea of the support for the tomatoes...all of this "above ground" planting should be puppy proof! I pray for bountyful blessings.

Shopgirl said...

We are still cold cat, it got warm and then it went away. It was frosty this morning. Arney has the garden ready, but we are afraid to plant. I love your above the ground garden, this is wonderful, a very good thing.
Happy gardening, mary

Vickie said...

This if very nice! I would love my garden to be this way sometime. With my back I haven't wanted to garden for awhile. How lucky you are.

dining room sets said...

Nice! I think I should follow what you are doing in your garden.

Naturegirl said...

Cat every gardener reaches a time when these raised beds are the key to aching joints from the necessary bending..getting up is getting harder and these raised garden beds are the answer!
Quite brillant!
will you plant some basil in front of the tomatoes?

Phyllis said...

Hey Cat,

I was in B&N recently and was flipping through a beautiful magazine when some thread work caught my eye. I thought - that looks like Baumcat work to me. Sure enough, it was! I felt like I stumbled across a friend and it made me smile.

Your work is so beautiful and inspiring.

Congratulations on getting published in that pretty magazine (can't remember the name of it; new to me).

lori vliegen said...

ooooh, your garden looks fabulous!!! it looks like you've got some green thumbs to go with those fabulous stitchin' fingers!!! have a great weekend!! :))

Beth said...

Wow! I would Love to have my garden like this. It sure would save my back too. But I don't think my Hubby could build enough bins as my garden is rather large. But don't you just enjoy gardening? I sure do!