Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's JULY!!!

Fabulous July!
Love'n Summertime!
I hope every one had a wonderful 4th of July long weekend!
I spent mine painting the pergola
and making some monster babies.

I made some with matching quilts too...

gave one, sold two, and put the rest on etsy.

They were fun time-passers for me as my sweetie was on his 4th annual visit to Alaska to see his brothers and fish for Halibut with them. He brought home a good bit of it, but it was very hard work - from the stories!

Smiles to all

and I hope your summer

is going GREAT!


One Crabapple said...

School's OUT


These are perfect ! So Happy and FUN.


Judy S. said...

Love your monsters, Cat! Isn't summer great? It finally warmed up here this week, and it's been wonderful! Enjoy!

MissMary said...

CHEEEEEEEEERFUL and inspiring little critters :-)

PaperPumpkin said...

These are so COOL! Hi Cat!

lori vliegen said...

oh my goodness.....these little babies have put a HUGE smile on my face!!! how adorable!!! glad you're having fun this summer!! xox, :))

Gerry said...

What fun little monsters you have. LOL. I'm glad your DH had a great time, and the halibut is the bonus!!!!

Thanks for visiting and for your kind words.

Shopgirl said...

I do love July and it looks like you are enjoying it too.
I am kinda absent, but I check in now and then. Hugs, Mary

judypatooote said...

Love your monsters...and with matching quilts that would be really cool....I wish it was cool has been almost 100 for a month....and thats humid and hot... take care, judy