Thursday, December 02, 2010


Sometimes Simplicity is Super.
to Sit on a Stool and Sip your Slendid tea.
My kid's and I used to try and make sentences of all or mostly words that start with one letter. Makes for a good travel game.
Or just a good get silly game.
Back to Simplicity though.
Simple quilting on simple patchwork.
Just the size for a cup of tea
or two
and a teapot.
Now on etsy.
And yes, I Advertise A lot on my blog. Absolutly.
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Phyllis said...

As much as I love your sewing/writing, I agree with you. This is very sweet!

And I'm going to have to try that word game with Alissa Rose :)

Judy S. said...

You are really getting good at free motion quilting! This is very cute.

One Crabapple said...

Quite Clever to Quilt and Quip !

Quickly Que the band please !

For Here Comes The Queen.

(thats You)

Quietly Quilting Quarters

Quizzing me with this Question

to play a simple game....

Heyyy I did it ! and it was fun !

Charmed By The Chair and Challenged (inspired) to try too...

i.e., Beauty of a Quilty

xo-Make MORE

nanabuzlife said...

LOve this!!