Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boro quilt

"Boro" meaning rags, this wall hanging was made in the inspiration of the Japanese Boro cloth.
It has old work shirts, bits of kimonos, some shibori, some batik. 
It was difficult to photograph. Measures 14X44 inches, and is currently pinned at the end of my hallway. 

I would like to make another one, I enjoyed the patchwork technique, but am also anxious to start on a form of patchwork called "pojagi".  More later...


One Crabapple said...

You FINISHED this ALREADY ??????

You are like some kind of Super Hero Quilter !

Do You wear a cape and the letter Q on your chest ?

This quilt is Fabulous ! Love it.

Now what is pajogi (will Google after this) and what will Quilt Woman come up with next week ? I will stay tuned in to find out.

Cathy K said...

It is lovely, and I admire you for trying new techniques. I think I'm stock with trying to learn basic quilting!! Hugzz.