Saturday, December 21, 2013

Plus Quilt

Finished and sent to Finland. 
Christmas present to my brother and sister in law, who live in both Finland and Switzerland.  I picked this quilt design as both their countries have flags that have crosses. They will have to decide which home to keep the quilt in!

Merry Christmas to all in blogland. 


Dolores said...

My ancestors are from Finland and I follow some Finnish quilting bloggers. What do they do there in two different countries and do they speak the languages?

Deborah said...

Beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas Cat. I'm off for 2 weeks. I want to finish a few "have to" projects so I can get to the fun stuff.

Cat said...

Dolores - They teach at the universities, in English I bet! It always amazed me how many languages many Europeans learn!

Deborah - Thank you! You have a great Christmas too!

Cathy K said...

Gorgeous! I love your modern colors. :-)