Monday, July 20, 2015

Pink Quilt

It's not only July already, but nearing the end of July. 
I, again, am guilty of ignoring my blog. Much due to a steady summer and some due to the fact that I just don't know how to work pictures between the iPhone and mac anymore! These ones I took and emailed to myself and etc.  These are of a quilt for a one year old girl, whom I haven't met yet, but she is going to have to have her leg amputated towards the end of August. She is the child of a friend of one of my sons. It touched my heart, so of course - a quilt was made. 

Just a note, lets be thankful for all we have and all that modern medicine can do.


Here is the sweetie with her quilt. She was blessed to only loose her ankle and foot, not further up. Precious baby.


Andy Lloyd Williams said...

Your beautiful quilt will certainly cheer up the little girl. We hope and pray all goes well for her in August.

Robin R said...

It is beautiful!

Cathy said...

hi Cat, as always, your quilt is lovely! I know she will love it. I had problems with pix, too, between my Mac and my iPad and iPhone. One of my commenters suggested using Dropbox. Well,I already had an account *facepalm* and it has been great for me. Try it!

mamifleur said...

Sweet home , I see wonderful quilts on your blog Friendhip