Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Snowmobile Pics

We went snowmobiling again today, and I wanted to share some more pictures. In this first one there is a mountain in the distance between the pine trees, it is Mt. Timpanogos, it is the second highest mountain in Utah's Wasatch Range, with an elevation of 11,747 feet above sea level. As you can see, we were pretty high in elevation too!This next picture is just some of the area we went thru.
And this last one [click to enlarge] may not look like much, but it is a huge steep hill that is funner than any rollercoaster or amusement park ride ever. We point our snowmobiles straight up and in a standing position give it all it's got, go as high as we can, then let the machine turn and head down - what seems like straight down. The adrenaline rush is out of this world!
And now... I'm sore and tired!


Anonymous said...

This is soooo cool! Cathy, if you are too tired, stay at home and I will go snowmobiling for your next week-end!!! Hohoho

Anonymous said...

So glad you visited my blog so I could find yours...WOW wish I could do that, 2 good reasons why I cannot, I'm 63 and might break, and I live in Fla.(no snow). I loved the valentine ATCs and the crazy quilt cats. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Although that looks and sounds like fun I think back to the one and only time I rode one and well...ran it smack dab in to a tree.(I was in high school) The area you were in looks so beautiful though - you little dare devil. heehee

Naturegirl said...

WOW! Now you deserve that glass of red wine! Hugs

pinar said...

one word..
soo atracting.. to be there.. and .........

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics... I miss snowmobiling!
Little chance of that here in Phoenix!
Sure miss those fun snow activities in Wisconsin!

One Crabapple said...

whewwww WEEEEEEEEEEE ! that looks like major fun !

How blue IS that sky anyway - wow.

Snow looks gorgeous.

Nice pix and I did enlarge ! that is steep looking.


Where are You ? We want pix of you Doing your Thing !

Maybe next time ?

Anonymous said...

OH SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day! Just don't break any fingers . . . . you have to keep stitching those great little goodies so I can keep bidding and buying . . . hope your week is a happy one and you all are planning another snowmobiling weekend.

The pictures are magnificant and enlarging the last one is almost like being there - but warmer.


Anonymous said...

you are hoppin! i wish we had enough snow this winter to go out for a spin. enjoying your blog here... and looking at your SOLD work in my gallery. gosh cat, your work is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you enjoy this A LOT. I enlarged the last photo (where is only snow and sky) and it looks like the world ends here! SUPER!

Anonymous said...

Although I live in Austria, we don´t have snow at the moment - so I begrudge you for this panorama!

Beth said...

What fun you have on those snowmobiles. Do you ever let Blue ride on them, lol? You live in a very pretty area!

Anonymous said...

I am loving all the snow pictures I see as I visit blogs - just beautiful. The ride sounds way to scary for me, but I am so glad that you are having fun!