Saturday, January 20, 2007

Valentine ATC's

These were made using black acrylic felt, I chain stitched the hearts, then felted in some yarn fibers, then added the sequins and beads. Similar to the Christmas trees I made. These are eBay items. I need to get busy and finish up at least one more thing for tomorrow's listings.
Click to enlarge pictures - to see embellishments.
Size of these is 2 1/2" X 3 1/2"


Anonymous said...

Great hearts and all those embellishments, wow!

I love the way you did the stitchery at the bottom of the hearts. Thanks for that inspiration! Oh, list of crafts that inspire me is getting longer and longer....

BTS, heart #8 is ready and I am just about to finish #9 as well!

Have a great week-end, Cathy!

Anonymous said...

Cat, your blog always makes me smile! Your felting is wonderful! I love the kitties too!

Frivolitea said...

Those ATC's are lovely. I am not handy with the needle arts, but I enjoy seeing what others create.

Anonymous said...

I´ve been admiring your quilts for quite some time now. The valetine ATC looks beautiful! Happy to hear you´ve discovered the felting needle. It´s one of my favourite tools :-)

Anonymous said...

These are so cool Cat. I love them, almost as much as the santa you made me.
Such an artist you are, wonderful work hun

Naturegirl said...

Lovely and I see that fuzzy wool here!

Tica said...

I like these!!

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful. What lovely detail and the colors are gorgeous.

Beth said...

Wow,,those are really pretty,,great job Cat!!

Luna said...

You are very intelligent! Congratulations!
( `·.¸♥
`·.¸ )
(.·´ ♥
`°. ♥
(``·.¸(``·.¸ ¸.·`´)¸.·`´)
«´¨·.¸¸.♥ Lunita =^.^= ♥.¸¸.·´¨`»
(¸.·`´(¸.·`´ ``·.¸)``·.¸)