Monday, July 23, 2007

Miss Me Two Times

Two variations of the same angel. The first is made on a neutral color combo crazy quilt piece, the second on the vintage quilt. Both are 5 X 7". I prefer the color, but I think the pastel one is more romantic. You will have to click to enlarge the picture, as it did not come in very large.
I put some U-finish quilt blocks similar to the pastel one on Etsy, plus both the above.
I enjoyed making these, they make me think of letters to soldiers from loved ones.


Gerry said...

These are really pretty, Cat. It's surprising that the way the siggie pieces are cut that it gives them a completely different look.

One Crabapple said...

I got one and LOVE IT !! more more ! A whole quilt eventually ! yayayayyaaayyy. This is a brilliant idea. I am having so much fun and YOU did all the Work!

Thank You ! Xo- S.

ps. Good Luck on ETSY Sales ! These are Gorgeous!! Little samplers to send a soldier is a Great Idea too...Personalize it with small things. I like that idea.

Gail said...

Sorry I haven't been around lately but now that VBS is over maybe I can get back into blogland. I see you have been keeping busy, just
beautiful as usual.I really like the idea of sending you pictures and you putting them on a square.
Hopefully I can do that.BE BLESSED

stephanie said...

I love these! I also LOVE your idea of seeing what different artists do with the same materials.

Your's are so lovely and what Sandy fab too and so different!!

Kyla said...

Boy you have been a busy girl! Love the Esty Shop

Anita said...

Oh, I love these ones, too! They are very special!

And you used one of the Parisian vintage postcards, didn't you? Oh, whenever I see a new cq made by you, I really miss my needles! Maybe I should start again, although autumn has not yet arrived?

XoX, Anita

Naturegirl said...

These touch my heart particularly at this time have just lost one of my sweet cats. Your artwork always touches my soul Cat. Thank you
hugs NG