Saturday, November 03, 2007

Color My World

This weeks offerings...


Allison Ann Aller said...

Sooo very wonderful.
What are the dimensions?

Cat said...


Dimensions are 4 3/4" X 6".

Gail said...

Another very inspiring piece, I love to click on these so they become big enough to really soak in all of the details.BE BLESSED

Shop girl said...

These are treasures...I wish someone had taken the time to show me how to do this wonderful stitching. What do you do with each one of these? Do they go into a quilt?
About my story about the the cold room and is a true story. But I am not one to think about such things as a rule. We have never had anything like that before or since. I guess we will always wonder what it was all about. I think you are right...Ghost???????
We are having a beautiful fall. Big golden leaves are falling and the sun is shinning. Warm in the day, cold at will soon be winter in Idaho...we get very cold winters.

Shop girl said...

What a wonderful way to make money and I can tell you enjoy what you are doing.
I am doing work at home to make some money also. There is no art in conecting wires, but the pay is good.
I hope these sell well for you, they are so special.
I will have to look you up on e-bay. I haven't sold anything on there for awhile. I need to dig out of things that I don't want any longer and put them on.
I live in Nampa....My Auntie lives in Provo. I haven't been in your neck of the woods for awhile.
I think Utah is so beautiful.
Thank you for is great to get to know you.
Hugs, Mary

The Carolina Quilter said...

I love your work and want to know what the secret is to actually getting recognition and sales on Etsy?! Your pieces are inspiring. Maybe that's it--mine just aren't good enough?!

Susan said...

You are making such wonderful things, and I love what you are doing with edgings. I never seem to know what to do with those things!

Naturegirl said...

Cat these offerings are so can they NOT be!You just continue giving us more and more
beautiful inspiring art!

As I pet owner I suggest you come by and enter my ~~~~GIVEAWAY~~~~~~~
hugs aNna

One Crabapple said...

ahhhh ! You HAVE been stichin your FINGIES off !


But these are beautiful !

Lovin that fiber sewn down to frame and edge ! Such a nice touch.

I love the old pieces of fabric .

Nice hope verse / quote ! NICE !


ps good luck in the shoppe / on auction whichever you decide to list them on ! They should go FASSST !

judypatooote said...

Hi Cat;
Those are a couple of my really inspire me. Tonight I'm going to my wool quilting class....although we never really learn anything, she just gives us the pattern, wool, and we are on our own....Since I had my craft show, I haven't been working on my wool, so I'm already one behind....getting two more tonight....but I will catch up... I just check into your blog, and I'm ready to continue with my craft.....I must say their BEAUTIFUL......

Kel said...

Amazing colors !! I love them both.

Sandy said...

Your work is just WONDERFUL!