Thursday, January 03, 2008

Let it Snow

This was taken on Monte Cristo in the Wasatch Mountains above Ogden.
My son is on the left, then my husband, then a friend. Our oldest son, Greg, took the picture.
I wasn't there that day, nor have I been up at all yet this year yet.
My sled, the red polaris hit a rock that day and has been getting new parts.
It should be up and running again soon...


tongue in cheek said...

What fun!! Go girl!

How much fun!

Susan said...

What a beautiful picture. Hope your sled is ready soon, and the snow stays nice for you to be in the next picture.

One Crabapple said...

Wow nice picture ! how can you stand to not go too ??? Nice rides. Dont you love the way the green reflection stars the hood on that sled on the right?

Well I hear you have had avalanches ! yikes ! you beCAREful !

Sure is beautiful there. And I was not necessarily talking about the menfolk but...since I mentioned it....Scenery is Pretty Nice !


Naturegirl said...

Now this is what I was waiting to see the snow riders..but you are NOT there! Perhaps next time.
I loved your last piece you posted..very different but again very creative..and how cute is Jet..more photos of Jet and Annie requested please! hugs NG

Micki said...

Sorry you didn't get to go out and play too. I have given you the "Make My Day" award. See my blog for details.


Gail said...

Pretty to look at from afar....all this Florida girl can say is bbrrrr
keep warm and have fun.BE BLESSED

Shop girl said...

Cat, The picture is beautiful. We don't get this much snow in Nampa.
My Auntie Sug lives in Provo. I love to go up to Cascade and just curl up in white, we go to our Chruch lodge.
Your new new piece is really outstanding...I love the colors.
So glad to have found you, Hugs, Mary

Shop girl said...

Well Cat, we have snow, it is probably about 5 inches here on my farm. So I was wrong...we do get alittle more snow at times.
I shared the Journal not knowing that there are all type around. I thought it was different. OOP's!
I know very little about Provo, I have family there that I haven't been to see in ages...they usually come here. I do know that Utah is beautiful.
The traffic is moving very slow out there this morning. Of course there are always the ones that fly no matter what the weather.
Have a great day, Mary

Beth said...

You sure have been getting alot of snow this year haven't you? We are in the 70s today!!! A little snow would be nice so send some this way!!!

Stephanie said...

what adventure's! Flying through that beautiful snow.

I'm laughing at your poor Annie story, well I'm glad she hasn't lost her cookies yet.

Wendys thinking of you! said...

Hi Cat!
WEll you inspire me in alot of ways! You are such a good Mom and Friend! We miss your son around here, and you guys. I will never forget how you were there for me and our family on Sashas funeral day.... Thanks! Even thought it has been 4 years I will never forget that! Thanks for seeing my blog...I do love to take pictures! Your blog is amazing...Your pictures are amazing! I love the piece work and how you love to fully live life! You are so talented! Love you, Wen