Monday, January 07, 2008

Sleddin' Annie

This picture is a bit dark, but it's 5:00 pm, after work... and my hubby is doing a test drive on my sled that he just got all fixed up. :) Isn't it pretty...
He decided to take Annie for a ride... look at her all hunkered down... her first motor ride other than the car.
She bailed at the back of the property!
I picked her up and held her on the next go round. She sat zipped in my coat for a little more comfort. She was still pretty wiggy... We don't know yet if we will make a motor-head out of her or not. Blue was a complete motor-head, "I wanna go I wanna go".
Annie get's carsick! Everytime I take her for a ride she pukes, I was hoping she would outgrow it and want to go... we have yet to see that day.
I don't know if she will be the motorcycle ridin' Jack Russel that Blue was, but either way we will love her just the same. We're just presenting her with opportunities to see if she likes them or not at this point. As far as snowmobiling goes... she did better on the 2nd round, and she hasn't lost her cookies yet.


Susan said...

She's a cutie, even if she isn't so sure about the riding thing. Are you happy with your fixed sled?

One Crabapple said...

Hang in there Annie Girl !
You'll get Your Snow Mo Legs yet !

At least she didn't have an "accident" on Pappa- or worse !
inside your jacket !

Looks Gorgeous there Cat. And YES -Yer snowmobile is reallllly Pretty .

Micki said...

Wow, great looking sled. I hope Annie gets over her "fear" and her tossin' her cookies.

Beth said...

Wow! You have a lot of snow!!! We are in the 70s here but expecting some strong storms today and tonight. I hope nothing like they got in the midwest. At least now I have a big basement to hide in if Tornadoes hit.
Annie might just grow up to be a motorhead you never know. Lady isn't the best car rider, she gets so hyper but doesn't puke.
She says "woof woof" to Annie!
Hope your skimobile works great now, it sure is pretty!

Gerry said...

Too funny. She looks like she's not too sure about this. LOL.

And WOW look at the snow. Are you still white-knuckling it?

Oh, and HI Annie!!!!

judypatooote said...

Hi Cat. I gave you the Daily Dose can pick it up at my blog......judy

Naturegirl said...

Oh little Annie you are in the fast lane living with these humans....
I would get sick too..hang in there sweet babie!! hugs NG
Cat look at all your snow! Ours melted within 2 days of global warming temperatures of 55F in Jnauary!!! Unheard of!!
((((I want the white back!!!!))))

Gail said...

Great looking sled...I have never been, looks like fun. My kids do the same kind of thing only on the water, in the Keys, I have never done that either. Annie and I could sit together and watch.

Bethel of Bethania said...

Man alive, just look at all that snow - don't think I've even seen that much snow ... what fun it must be with those snowmobiles ... ohhh how I'd love to have a go too and I promist I'd make sure I didn't loose my cookies ... ha ha ... OOroo ... Bethel