Saturday, March 06, 2010

Saturday's Post

I usually get one post on per weekend... and this weekend I'm really pushin' it to get something to show... as I haven't done a thing all week - except put in lots of overtime at my job.
Here is the string quilt I started in January - now pined and ready to quilt.

And here is the Jack Pack recuperating from their wild morning running in the back yard... Don't they have it good!!


Judy S. said...

Sounds like all four of you are plumb worn out! Have a restful weekend, Cat.

Dolores said...

The quilt looks gorgeous. Those are some really cute pooped puppies.

Shopgirl said...

It is a very good life for the Jack pack! I keep finding other things keeping me from digging out the quilting fabric....I am getting ready to make a tote that I will share when it is done...
We have been so busy with life lately, I am lucky to get anything done. Love Ya, Mary

Deborah said...

A new twist...strings with words. The pups do have a nice life. I think squishy sofa cushions were made for them. You have a job too? I always use that as my excuse for not getting much finished. Guess I can't do that any more!

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Cat,
The quilt will no doubt be beautiful when complete. The Jack Pack is just the cutest. I love how they all hang out together. Very sweet.

Bethel of Bethania said...

Sure looks like a Dogs Life... ha ha
Love the quilts you are making... so bright & inspiring... Bethel

One Crabapple said...

Its tough to decide who to awhhh

over more !

I toggled back and forth between photos

loving the quilt

and loving those pups !!

Hope you get rest under a nice quilt soon

after all that O.T. !

Anyway there will be extra to spend on

fabric to make a new one - always a GOOD THING.


One Crabapple said...

went back to check out that quilt some more

Love this STRING quilting

Your has turned out so pretty

love the bits of blue

accenting Just Right.