Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thank you mail!

This is so cool - thank you mail from the RHFH people for all the "Hope" bags!
I love the part about receiving bags from ALL OVER the United States as well as from Great Britain and Australia!!!
YOU know who you are!!! Thank you!



One Crabapple said...


thanks for sharing

I loved reading that note

and it did make me swell a little

such a small small thing we did

in light of their desperate situation.

YES , I hope all will continue to remember

and give Real Hope To Haiti.

Thank you for sharing the idea with us and showing us a way to help .

Darla said...

that is awesome! i was glad to be part of it. thank you for sharing this opportunity with us all.

lindaharre said...

Love the idea of posting the Thank You! We also got one and I will post it today:D We are sending out 3 huge boxes today filled with more bags, dresses and shorts! So glad they are helping....and....THanks SO MUCH for the link to DEBBIE WOODARD :-D

Rebag said...

So awesome!! Thanks for sharing

Shopgirl said...

It takes a village to help a village, and you are one lovely lady, and all that took time for this giving. We are doing kits at church..tooth brushes, tooth paste,
hair brushes, mouth wash, and some fun things too.
God lives in all that we can do for them that need us most.
Hugs, Mary

Judy Hartman said...

I also received a note, Cat - totally unexpected.
There was enough joy in making the bags - the note was icing on the cake!