Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dog Party

Two goofy Boxers. Zeek and Miya. They are my son and dil's sweet dogs. They play and play and play… then they stop for big velvety hugs. They use their paws a lot. 
This is Boozer, my Mom's newly adopted Pug.  He turns in circles when he is happy and he just gets along well with anybody. 
We are dog sitting this weekend, six total counting my Jack Pack.  
Who, I might add, are the mellowest of them all!
It is interesting to me seeing the unique typical characteristics of the different breeds of dogs. 


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

That is QUITE the dog party, Cat!! Six dogs! I LOVE boxers...and have always wanted to snugglenup with a bulldog! Have a fun weekend!

Werna Gail said...

Cat, HAPPY SPRING, I was just thinking of you, love the doggie pictures, especially the Jack pack
Hope all is going well at your house. Lenny put his tomatoes plants in the ground about 2wks ago, only had to cover them once.
Be BLESSED, love & hugs

Judy S. said...

Sounds like a busy doggy weekend! Good to see your post!