Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hope is a powerful thing.

Here is the encyclopedias explanation of HOPE:

HOPE is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life. Hope implies a certain amount of perseverance – i.e., believing that a positive outcome is possible even when there is some evidence to the contrary.

This piece is 5"x7" and started with an antique silk crazy quilt piece. It will be listed on eBay Sunday evening. Super size image by clicking on it.


"Early Bird" said...

I did enlarge the image and your stitch work is amazing!
Great work!

"Early Bird" said...

I've looked at more of your art and it is just amazing...I need to understand a little more about it. Would you email me at

Laurie & Chris said...

Your work is just amazing. Is it relaxing for you. I easy sticheries and they are relaxing to me.

Micki said...

Another lovely piece. Wonderful stitching.

Susan said...

Another one I like:

A ship ought not to be held by one anchor, nor life by a single hope. Epictetus

Love the postcard art!

Anonymous said...

From Joy .. . .. Oh! Cathy, everything you create is just amazing. This is another beautiful crazy quillt with your outstanding stitches . . . wonderful, wonderful, wonderful and with a great message also.

How is sweet Blue. All well and chasing things again I hope.

Have you all been riding your Harley's lately? Have a wonderful weekend full of fun. Hugs, JOY

One Crabapple said...


now there's a word !

The little lavender flowers are the PERFECT touch.

Beautiful little stitches Cat.


Naturegirl said...

Bird flowers little lavender stitches all speak of Hope beginnings in the Spring!Another thought provoking
art piece that I LoVe! Hope gets us through difficult times. hugs NG

Kyla said...

Hi Cat
come visit my blog and take a trip down memory lane

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Ooh! I love all the stitching. It all flows so gently and looks so unified! It's yummy to look at!

Carol said...

I'm always full of hope and your hope quilt is really pretty Cat! xox

Anita said...

Hi Cathy!

Hope you are doing fine, how is the weather in Utha these days? We still have the most fabolours spring weather and I spend most of my time outside (gardening, of course).

Whenever I see another wonderful piece of art here on your blog, I really miss my needles, too. I haven't been stitching for weeks now... ;-(((


CattyCat said...

Cat: Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog. Yes, it is a guided situation, of that I have no doubt. I am loved by the power that is, and I am led through hard times that always lead to the best of things if I just pay attention and experience what is.

As for your own childrean they are experiencing exactly what they are supposed to experience to become exactly who they are meant to be come so they will live out their part in this amazing thing that is life.

sammy said...

Cat, You just keep creating such beautiful works of art over and over again! As busy as you are you simply amaze and inspire me!