Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Old Crazy Quilt

When I look at an old crazy quilt that has been worn well with time, I wonder who lovingly stitched the pieces together. I wonder who did the fancy embroidery over the seams. Was their life hard and worn like the quilt?

I cut a piece out, the silk is split, holes are left exposing the flour sacs underneath. I sew on a bird, a verse, some lace, add a flower and beads, and more bright embroidery. Like a new life for a worn traveler. Where has this quilt traveled?
Crazy quilts are healing quilts. The beauty is in the brokenness stitched together. Made with love, worn with time, healed with love. Full circle. It is like healing for a broken heart or a damaged soul. And then… treasured, again.
The above picture is a 5 x 7 piece in progress. The words say "Rejoice in the spring" as Spring is again representative of new life.


Laurie & Chris said...

Love what you are doing with the quilt. I love the saying.

Micki said...

More amazing work with a special message.

I'm confused a little with bloglines. It showed another post by you about why you crazy quilt. But it is not here on your blog. It was a lovely post. Strange that it is there but not here.

Beth said...

I Love this piece,,I Love all of your pieces. I have 2 very old quilts just begging to have something done to them. Its on the list for this summer.
Lady says "woof woof" to her fella Blue!!!

pinar said...

I love the saying
crazy quilts are healing quits..
wish all our wounds were able to get healed as crazy quilts =)..

Gerry said...

What a wonderful technique! I never thought to put old quilts to such good use :-)

BTW, how's the weather there????

Naturegirl said...

You intensify the life in the worn out quilt by adding your unique stitching and embellishments therefore giving it a ~~~
~new beginning!~
Lovely work and post! hugs NG

One Crabapple said...


Your words stitched together your thoughts and meanings beautifully.

judypatooote said...

That is beautiful Cat....I have a quilt that my hubby's grandma made, and it never was's the the outside is mostly orange, and bright orange, but you give me an idea....that would be a good Christmas gift for my kids and sister in law.....something cute and from their great grandma....