Saturday, June 23, 2007

Around Here!

Here's a little picture tour of what's going on around here:
A very classic & artistic old motorcycle with a flat front tire and very much in need sits by the shop. I really like it's form and think it would be great renovated!
Click on picture for tremendous rust detail.
And here is my motorcycle (A Harley Dynaglide) sitting IN the shop awaiting a new innertube in it's back tire. I had a flat on the way to work yesterday, which is a different experience on a motorcycle! Luckily I was only going about 30 or 35 mph.
Click on picture and you can actually find the nail in the tire.
This is Jet ready to go into the cool house for her day nap.
And Blue enjoying the summer heat and country air.

And another week of blooms out front.

Isn't life great.


Jean said...

Love your hollyhocks! All the colors are beautiful!

Susan said...

That first motorcycle picture really appeals to me. =) I can just imagine it restored, maybe candy apple red sparkle, with some orange and yellow flame lines - not going crazy with flames, just a little. Your bike is a great color. =)

Laurie & Chris said...

I bet getting a flat was a little scary! The bike in front of the shop looks like a fun project.Your flowers look so pretty.

One Crabapple said...

O - those - BLOOMS !

I loved seeing the "kids"

Blue looking pretty happy in that gorgeous grass !

Jet is definitely related to Poppy Lucinda !

But let's talk about the BIKES ! the old one is pretty darned ckoool and I can see it fixed up - wow , what a show piece. Well one day ....? And how about your Real Baby there ? (did you name your bike ?) That is a beauty thru and thru. And yes I found the nail .... it always amazes me how nails get into tires in the first place .... hmmmm.

And I don't worry about you getting a flat because I know what a cool head you keep.

This was a fun entry , seeing some of YOU along side your art is Fun.

More more !
Love, S

One Crabapple said...

And heyyy, that shop is pretty sweet.

The house looks like it is coming along nicely and becoming very home-Y.

Anita said...

Oh Cat, I adore your hollyhocks, they are amazingly pretty! Hey, what do you think of swapping hollyhock (or other ones) seeds in autumn?

Mine are starting to bloom at the garden fence, too (but not as pretty as yours).

Have a wonderful week!

XoX, Anita

Beth said...

I hope you got that tire fixed and riding it again. Awh, your flowers are pretty,,and Jet and Blue look like they are having a happy summer! Hope you are too!

Betzie said... be able to grow Hollyhocks! They are so so pretty and greet all that come to your home with their splendor.
We have way too much shade..I've tried but they don't like it here.
Your dog and kitty look so content. :)

Gerry said...

You're lucky, girl. Picking up a screw on a twisty turney canyon road cost me a broken wrist and a really banged up bike. Luckily, I didn't go over the edge.

The 'to be restored' is very cool. What a pretty kitty. I love black cats. And it looks like no more toenail problem for Blue.

Beautiful garden. Does it really feel like HOME now?

stephanie said...

That classic motorcycle is fabulous! Doesn't even need to be worked on...just setting there is great!

Your bike is a beauty, just a bit scary to have a flat, so glad you were not going too fast!

AND your flowers are beautiful! I LOVE this time of year!!

CattyCat said...

Sure looks like life is treating you warm and cozy. I remember you moving here and just starting this garden. WOW, look at it now. Hope all is well. I myself retire this Friday.

Joy said...

Your hollyhocks are so lovely,I am still waiting for mine to appear.

Kel said...

Love Jet, we had a black lab named Jet !! (Jet Black)The flowers are lovely and pup is a sweetie !!

Naturegirl said...

Your Jet looks like my two black beauties!! I enjoyed seeing Blue..missed him! I am sure you are in your glory when cycles are around you!It's a long weekend here in Canada so it shall be r-e-l-x-i-n-g!
hugs NG