Saturday, June 09, 2007

Traditional Crazy Quilt Block

From my archives - very traditional style crazy quilt.
Click to supersize!
I guess I have turned into a twice a month blogger! Summertime keeps me away from the computer so much - and away from needlework. I have been filling my free time with planting and weeding and watering. My evenings are spent going for a walk and meeting neighbors, or riding my Harley in the warm air. I never stop sewing all together though, There are multiple projects going at one stage or another... just not a lot of time devoted to them.
Happy June!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cat, this is a lovely crazy quilt . . .. and it was great to see something new on your site!

I was concerned that you were having a problem of some sort . . . glad it was something great like spring planting, and digging in the dirt - you know those great spring things to do!

Have a good time riding your Harley and just enjoying the spring weather, but don't lose your needle!!!! Luv, Joy

Gerry said...

Hi Cat, it's good to see you posting. I'm glad you're enjoying your summer. Ride safe :-)

Micki said...

Beautiful block, Cat. It must be wonderful riding this time of the year. Stay safe.

Cathy said...

What an amazing and beautiful crazy quilt! Would you share a bit of its history for this "newbie" to your blog? I promise to revisit... :)

I'm in the process of creating my first ever 50"x60" crazy quilt throw and loved seeing this beauty --- I'm striving to achieve this "traditional" appearance within my own creation.

Cat said...

Reply: I made this 10" square block about 5 years ago. The verse is printed on a tight weave natural looking silk and the patches are simply an assortment of non-cottons.
The method I used was to lay the centerpiece (verse) and work out from there laying and basting the pieces into place. Then the embroidery.
I have yet to make an actual throw! May you enjoy hours of creativity and may others enjoy lifetimes enjoying the heirloom!

Naturegirl said...

Hi Cat summer is a time for getting out into the openair and ride with the wind!! Your crafting will always be there for you when the weather is keeping us indoors. Gardening neighbors BBQ and the odd Harley ride
that is what summertime is all about!
Your quilting is so detailed all those stitches!! Wow! Happy summer to you!hugs NG

Betzie said...

Such a funny contrast...riding your Harley and doing your embroidery.
I wish I could enjoy riding on my hubby's motorcycle. Maybe it's sitting on the back that isn't appealing. Hanging on for dear life and having no control? I'm glad you enjoy both and your work is incredible...heirlooms in the making!

stephanie said...

You enjoy this summer with the wind in your hair!!!

Kel said...

I also am called to the outdoors and away from the computer. But I love stopping by and seeing what people are up to. Would love to see pictures of your yard/flowers, that too is art. Enjoy the wind in your hair !!! (:

CattyCat said...

I'm sorry but your work does not qualify as "crazy". Beautiful, wonderful, creative, fantastic, YES, "crazy"???? naw, I don't think so.

Susan said...

Great crazy quilt. Thanks for sharing the pic.

As long as you don't drop out of sight completely over the summer!