Thursday, June 14, 2007


Hollyhocks grow in front of my house.
Along the porch railing are 3 different shades of pink Hollyhocks.
They are standing about 7 feet tall so far.
To the left, along the brick wall are white ones and some pale pink.
They are about 9 feet tall! They have a long ways to bloom yet. Does anyone remember making flower dolls out of the Hollyhock blooms as a child?
Dancing Hollyhock doll.
Pick a pretty opened flower for a skirt and a flower bud for the head. Peel away the green outer covering on the bud. Push the small stem of the opened flower into the base of the bud's folded petals. You can push little sticks in for arms. Place her on water and watch her dance!


Laurie & Chris said...

Your hollyhocks are so pretty. I love the bright pink ones. I never played with a Dancing Hollyhock doll.I bet they are fun!!

stephanie said...

A hollyhock fairy! Love that! Do you have to stake these that get so tall??

so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! What huge, beautiful flowers. Your new yard is going to be outstanding. Can't wait to see the other Hollyhocks when they bloom. Happy gardening, Joy

lindaharre said... favorite summer flower! Great can you NOT love these specimens?

One Crabapple said...


noo. we were poor unfortunate keeds.

We didn't have Hollyhocks to make into dolls.

I read about this when I was older nd have always wanted to make a Hollyhock Doll !

Wow...your stalks are GRAND !

What a treat for your first spring time in the new house !!!

Beauties Cat. Make me a HH Doll !
I would love to see a picture here and actually get to see one !

One Crabapple said...

oh my gosh...don't they inspire a quilt ???


Kel said...

I love Hollyhocks. Just the name is fun to say, Hollyhocks. My other favorites for their names... Joystick(just sounds dirty), Spiked Gayfeather(good drag queen name)and Aster ( my Aster is big and spreading like crazy)
I did not know about the doll, I'll have to try that. Enjoy your weekend !!!

Susan said...

I never made the flower dolls, but I do love hollyhocks. My mother planted them behind the gladiola bulbs

Carol said...

Absolutely stunning Hollyhocks Cat! Oh I love that deep pink! Looks like mine won't bloom this year though. Nope I don't remember that, nothing we did over here. Have a great time in the garden! Hugs Carol xox

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Cat - I never made dancing dolls. What a shame - I can imagine they'd have been great fun!

eb said...

I love hollyhocks and we used to make those little fairy dolls with my aunt Joan out at Grandma's farm in central Nebraska - thanks for the memmory!

xox - eb.

eb said...

oops - memory

xox - eb.

susan said...

these blooms just send me! i have four fledgling plants trying so very hard to make it ... AGAIN this year. what special magic do you give them? it is one of my favorite flowers and they are so tempermental!
love you littl crazy quilt too!
happy summer...