Saturday, August 11, 2007

Young Pheasants

This was a very exciting site this morning to see these young pheasants perched on the fence top. We have enjoyed watching a rooster and a hen thru the winter, and suspected young this spring. My DH even rescued a chick from an approaching cat a month ago. We had hoped that a chick or two survived. I was shocked to count 9 young survivors and the mother hen out in the yard today! Apparently they are enjoying our newly constructed fence while catching some sun and ruffling their feathers.

Speaking of survivors, I have watched the mine crisis in Central Utah hoping and praying thru the week that there may be good results. My heart goes out to the families of these 6 men in the collapsed mine. No news yet if the men have survived the cave in. A second hole has been drilled about 1800 feet down thru the mountain, wide enough to put a camera thru into the cavity that it is believed the miners may be in. No contact has been made from the miners. It must be increasingly difficult for the families as each day passes. Keep them in your prayers.


stephanie said...

Oh husband I were just talking of this and thinking of the poor families.

They seem to be given hope, then it is shattered...over and over again.

we are thinking of them.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Cat

I hadn't heard about the mine collapse. I hope there will be some positive news soon.

Thanks for prompting me to comment! I've lurked a bit over the last month but haven't added comments to many blogs recently. Glad you like the website. I've had another look at your etsy shop today. You have some lovely items there. I'm tempted, especially with the 'smile' one.

Sue x

Julie H said...

Hi Cat

My heart has gone out to your mining families, it is just over a year ago that two out of thre Australian miners survived a similar situation. Our whole nation waited for close to two weeks as they were found and then rescued, and our hearts broke for the family of the man who did not make it.

Your comfort doll is gorgeous and I am going to follow the link now to read about them. How kind you are to make such a beautiful doll.

Thanks for stopping my blog - I admire each and every one of your stitched pieces, and wish I had half your talent.

One Crabapple said...

It truly is a nightmare....

Your pheasants are a Sweet Sight.

(Nice Work on that Fence)

CattyCat said...

You are the center of attention on my blog. Tee hee!

Susan said...

I love your pheasant picture. So good to see so many survivors, isn't it?

Life in the midst of tragedy. I hear they are drilling a new hole now. Hope has to be almost exhausted for those families.

Gerry said...

The pheasants are really special. Don't get too attached. LOL.

And our prayers are with those miners and their families also.