Friday, August 17, 2007

Pray for Miners

Huntington, Utah: A town of HOPE.

This HOPE crazy quilt is on it’s way to Mayor Hilary Gordon in Huntington, Utah. This small town received another blow yesterday evening when the mine had a “bump” of seismic activity that killed 3 miners and sent 6 more to hospitals. These miners were part of the rescue effort to reach the 6 miners trapped in the mine for over a week now.

“PRAY 4 OUR 6”

Utah flags are at 1/2-staff today in honor of the 3 men who died last night.

Huntington is a community holding on to hope.


Gerry said...

This is a truly wonderful thing that you do. I just read the sad news in the paper this morning. We pray for them.

Stephanie said...

How very wonderful of you to create this little beacon of hope for this entire community.

They are all in our thoughts.

Gail said...

I will continue to pray. Funny that you should come by my blog today as I had just checked in on you but didn't have time to comment. I really liked your "comfort" doll what a wonderful thing to do, I might just jump in.I just did another post, about my birthday, check it out if you have time. BE BLESSED

Kel said...

I had no idea more miners were killed, this is such sad news. We will pray for them and their families.

Carol said...

Oh my this is really awful, I pray for the miners and their families!

Love your little crazy quilt Cat! Hugs Carol xox

P.S. I have a give away on my blog, maybe you like to come by?

judypatooote said...

Life is so seems there is so much tragedy these days... from mine cave in' weather related...tragedies in which we have no control in....that's whats scary....

Your little piece of crazy quilt with hope is beautiful...

One Crabapple said...

oh Cat ! This is such a ckool idea- she will love it and it will give her a boost, I know it.

( I am so proud to know You ! )

It is a beautiful quilt. I LOVE all the background fabrics with these tiny prints (dashes/dots , etc) !

Gives depth and texture. LOVE IT !

That was such a kind thing to do.
It is like lending her your arm as she gets up to move on. I think this will help give her extra strength to know someone cared enough to do this...


One Crabapple said...

I love the little flower / sun type of design stitched around the spiral !!! that is my favorite part I think!

well ! if I had to PICK !

One Crabapple said...

p.s.s. Okay , I again !

The colors on this are just great. I keep looking at it and I LOVE the warmth from these colors.

Okay you have inspired me again...where is my sewing ... where is my little doll I was working on. I gotta STITCH RIGHTT NOW !

One Crabapple said...

OMG I know... I am like a fly today...but I was on another site and it occurred to me

This reminds me of a Prayer Flag.

And now I want to do Prayer Flags !

Betzie said...

So thoughtful and pretty...
such a tragedy. My heart goes out to those families and that town.
Sending prayers..

Naturegirl said...

May we all hold them and their loved ones in our prayers..a very thoughful post. hugs NG

Susan said...

What a kind and thoughtful thing for you to do! It's almost hoping against hope now, but miracles happen every day.

pinar said...

it is a tragedy..
for the families..
I don't know which scares most..
the ecological changes.. or the human made aggressions..
you ara sauch a kind soul..
and the poem of emily dickinson..
has been a perfect one..
for me..
hope for them too..