Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Heart of a Dove

Still working on this one.
Hope to finish this weekend.
It is still HOT HOT HOT in Utah.
Happy AUGUST everyone!


Susan said...

This one is beautiful, too. I have flowers like the one in the upper right - did you dye that one? I can't quite figure out how you did that flowery looking part on the left- whether you put pieces together, or it's some kind of lace. Even on close-up it's hard to tell. The over-all look is really specially pretty, though.

Micki said...

It's is lovely as is, but will be even lovelier when finished. It has been HOT here too.

stephanie said...

Happy August to you too!!!

We have a pair of morning doves that roost on the roof outside our window. I love their coo'ing....

Naturegirl said...

Beautifull love the soft colors!
Peace love and blessings..NG

Betzie said...

I have always loved the sweet coo of Mourning Doves...we have some in our backyard and they are very tame. Saw some white ones at Petsmart now so long ago and was half tempted! Too messy though, so I resisted. Will just enjoy the ones outside.
This is gorgeous Cat!

Susan said...

Thanks for explaining to me about the lace! I'll bet that is the same flower I have, then. I'll have to think about dying one or two and seeing what happens. I use the Oze Dye and usually have good results.

CattyCat said...

Hot hot hot! Yup yup yup. Out here in Cali It dropped down into the mid 80's and our bodies are registering it as a cold spell. Our blood got so thin with it over 105 for a month non stop.

Hope it is cooling down so you are getting some good sleep.

The comfort doll is beautiful. Of course!!!

Beth said...

Its miserable here in Tennessee too. Love you new piece,,so pretty. I am itching to try Crazy Quilting, but I have so many irons in the fire right now,,Hopefully this winter I can try it.
Lady said to tell Blue that we are definetly in the DOG DAYS of summer, even she doesn't want to stay out long,lol.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful and soothing to look apon. It gives a feeling of peace.

I hope and pray for those poor minors and there family's. So difficult the sarrow and not knowing. May it all come to an end for them soon.

I have just finished cutting over 600 pieces for my next patchwork quilt. Im surprised with how many I have made this year and blanket's. I love my button blankets. My eldest daughter will help me set up a blogg which I hope will happen soon, then I will down load the pic's after she shows me how to do that too and shair.

Thank's for shairing your work.
You dearest friend Nancy