Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Time for Everything

More positive attitude art in Autumn colors!
I just finished 6 pieces and listed on etsy, my fingers are yelling at me from the abuse.


If I listened to my fingers I would of listed these for $200 each! But no....



Click pictures to enlarge.

Thanksgiving art is my favorite of all to create.

I guess because I have a lot to be thankful for and because I love the fall colors.

Above are 3 new bird images to my collection; they are from Vintage Funk Designs shop on etsy. She has some great images, along with her art for sale. Check it out!

And... my etsy link to see the above and more...


Nancy Hunt-Bartek said...

Simply Beautiful! I love your work!
fondly, Nancy

Jean said...

Beautiful!!! I love the fall colors.

Gerry said...

Wonderful autumn colors, Cat. I really like the Voice of Truth.

BTW, have you gotten your first snow yet????

Micki said...

Each and everyone of them are lovely. Wonderful colors.

One Crabapple said...

Yes ! I can see that your fingers must be barking !!

These are beautiful and I am loving your new tiny patches work ... and they are already selling !!! Flying out the ETSY shoppe !

You do Thanksgiving Right.
I look forward to more as the season progresses.

Kel said...

Love the fall colors. You can tell your little fingers worked very hard.

Anita said...

Oh Cathy, your new autumn pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I adore the colours that you added together!

Yes, you are right! It's time to get my sewing equipment out soon! I might start with a little garland, or cushions, or more hearts... or....??? ;-))

And I am still so very grateful that I got to know you last year. You are my big source of inspiration! Thank you soo much!

XoX, Anita

sammy said...

Hi Cathy! I have been so bad about checking out my favorite blogs, but this morning am taking that much needed time for my inspiration... Oh my goodenss... how awesome these are! I love all that you have posted!

Susan said...

I just love the bird things you have been doing lately - the faith one here is my favorite, I think, but I really like what's in the post below, too. Thanks for the etsy link!

Gail said...

Beautiful work as usual, may God strengthen you, bless your work and continue to prosper you.