Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bug Grubber

Bug Grubber is one of Annie's nick-names. She gets it from chasing and eating butterflies, grasshoppers, spiders... etc, anything that moves she chases, and if it's edible... she does that too.

It's taken a toll on her though. That and some nasty mosquito. Annie has tested positive for heartworm disease (from a mosquito bite), and possibly for other parasites (from eating so many bugs). Not to mention low thyroid levels.

The reason I'm posting this isn't for sympathy, but to help any dog owner to be a little more aware of heartworm than I was. I thought it was very rare in Utah if at all since we get such a good winter kill - freezing cold temps... I was wrong and I should of had Annie protected with a product called "Heartgard" which you give the dog once a month.

We are going to proceed with a treatment for heartworm this coming week. It involves injections into the lower back muscles and can be quite painful. Recovery for Annie will involve 6 weeks of being kenneled (at home) to minimize embolism risks and lung problems, and taken outside on a leash only. No running, jumping, playing... (We're talking a Jack Russell Terrier here!)

So... Prayers for Annie please, and if you have a dog, please ask your vet about Heartgard.


One Crabapple said...

Oh This is Heartbreaking. Little BUG GRUBBER !

Well they dont come with directions....or a DRY CLEAN ONLY type of how would you have known ?

She sure is a Cutie Pie. I know she will come thru with flying colors, she loves you too much not to fight.

Love the new picture of YOU and Sweet Annie.

Hi Annie , You Funny Little Girl !
I hope you will be feeling better soon.
We all have tons of prayers to help get you (and Mamma) through.

xo and if I was a pup I would send a big LICK but ewwwww....I am not. So. Lets just say we did.

One Crabapple said...

And thanks for the Information too Cat.

It has got to be devestating to find out when you didn't know.

Holly Loves Art said...

Of course we'll pray for darling Annie. I know how difficult it is dealing with vets and medical bills and the stress of a sick animal. Hang in there. Annie will help you get through this.

I love all the nicknames you've listed below. At one ponit, I listed over 30 nicknames for my other dog Chloe (who has passed)... people just loved giving her other names. My favorite was "The Little Rotten Apple".

Albie has plenty too, but his most common is "Handsome". Well, it's true.

And Cat, I have your beautiful doll and journal with me now. The box arrived yesterday.

Take good care,


nanabuzlife said...

Prayer alway's. She is a strong girl and a survivor, she will do great. Hugs Nanabuzlife

Anonymous said...

Oh Cat, I'm so sorry to hear that Sweet Annie has a heartworm problem. It is a very common problem in much of Texas. My neighbor in Houston had a Lab that he rescued (treated badly by owner) and when he was taken to vet for a checkup was discovered to have heartworm. He was treated and and fully recovered so keep up your hopes and prayers for Annie. I certainly plan to remember her in my prayers and YOU also. I know how it hurts to have a sick animal.
Our daughter was here two weeks ago and I suggested we go to an animal shelter to see if they had a Golden Ret - our Golden named Zuke had been her's until she moved to England. They did have a Border Collie (about 6 months old) and Sherry fell in love with her...
bought her and took her to Dallas! Her Name is PADY and she has now been spayed and been shopping often at a special pet store for scarves, a new bed and lots of toys. Sherry does not have any kids - just pets.

Many prayers for YOU and Sweet Annie's recovery . . . With love, Joy

Maureen said...

Thinking of you both, I'm sure Annie will be ok Cat.

judypatooote said...

Oh poor Annie....I never knew of a dog that got it....that is such a cute picture of you and Annie.... we sure can get attached can't we... Bless You Annie.....

Library Gal Quilts said...

The treatment works, and all will be well. I send you love and healing thoughts Annie little cutie and my dog Teddy says hang in there girl, you are so very darling! xoxo Pam in Chico

Maddie Can Fly said...

thanks for stopping by last week. Not only dogs get parasites from eating bugs -- Miss Maddie and I also went through that from her eating every fly that came in the house. Why do our little furry children do such things?

Hang in there and all my (and Maddie's) best to Annie.