Monday, August 11, 2008


Wash plums
Cut in half and seed. Put in quart jar. Add 1/2 cup sugar and 1 1/2 cup dark rum.

Gently shake the jar every day for 15 days
to help the sugar dissolve.

Remove fruit pulp and skin after 16 days.

Enjoy !!!

* * *

This is my first attempt. Sounds yummy to me. The plums I used are very ripe and sweet, so I didn't use very much sugar. If you used tart plums you would want to use more sugar.
I'll let you know how this is in about 16 days!
Liquor or Liqueur?


One Crabapple said...

oo this sounds yummy. Okay I will try it !

I did try it once with apricots and vodka....the apricots after soaking were like a treat themselves. Served icy cold in a little dish they were a TREAT.

Super strong tho. Like having a little shot. Wheww.

Well it looks beautiful. Lets see what happens !

Perfect with a little high tea...out under your new patio cover on a stencilled picnic table!


Beth said...

They sound delicous!!! I want a plum tree! Did you read my post where Lady tangled with a Harley? Its a must read, she is fine now though after a $333 vet bill.

Naturegirl said...

Love love plums and rum.Very interesting mix.

susan said...

ok, this sounds and looks smashing. HOWEVER i LOVE your necklace on Sandy. truly incredible.
YUM and yummmm!!!!

eb said...

you are amazing


I want to taste this plum stuff

and that necklace

around the neck

of dear artylife

is DIVINE!!!!!!!!!

catastophically wonderful!!!

xox - eb.

Henny said...

Oh delicious. Rum and plums what a wonderful couple.
I'm running to buy "Zwetschken"
Hugs henny

judypatooote said...

Those plums my mom use to call German plums, because the neighbor lady had a tree....(some call them Italian plums)....well mom always made a plum cake, with custard and the plums on was sooooo good.... and my mother in law use to may cherry brandy.... the same way...with out pits....and it was so good....I grew up with homemade wines, and brandies....and I'm going to try this.....tomorrow I'm off to meijers to pick up some of those plums....I hope there out, and I hope meijers has the rum... I hate going to liqueur stores... I have 5 grape arbors, I should make myself some wine too....nah thats alot of trouble....thanks for sharing Cat..... judy