Tuesday, June 20, 2006


"Ride the storm on a flower sled pulled by butterflies."

This one is for positive attitude! This is in honor of those people who keep on smiling no matter what they are going through!

On the cloudy days, may you keep a smile, smell the flowers, and follow the butterflies.


Naturegirl said...

Again you posted something I really needed! Mother has had a mini stroke and it weighs heavy on my heart..much to do when I get home in getting permanent care for her!In the meantime
I will take the time to view your comforting creations!!
Thanks 3BC!:) One last comment..in posting we never know what it really does for our viewers.

arttealife/onecrabapple said...

Yeh, what timing !

Okay , I'll do IT !

Following butterflies...riding the storm.

These colors are yummy Cat!
Mmmm , Love them.

BEautiful stitching and details as always.

(I see Forget Me Nots on her sled you know.....)

Your work is always from a deeper place.

I like that.

Much Love.

Living Part Deux said...

Your words are so inspiring. And the quilt takes my breath away. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful quilt with a beautiful thought.
Where do you find these wonderful little messages? JOY

Micki said...

I agree that this is another beautiful piece. Where do you find all of your inspirations and sayings for your work?

Colette said...

So beautiful and delicate.
Thank you!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Certainly your blog feels like a gentle graceful ride on butterfly wings! Thank you for your sharing your giftedness with us!

Lillian said...

Your work is lovely and I have bookmarked and will visit often. I found YOUR blog after you had found mine and posted!

Nice to meet another Crazy Quilter!


Lillian said...

okay- one question =)

How large are your crazy quilted atcs? They are so wonderful and I am so inspired to try something so small!

Lillian in Korea

ecm said...

This is beautiful! I've tried a bit of quilting (squares) but this is just gorgeous!