Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Journey

This piece was made in 2005, and the motorcycle trip was Spring of 2004. The bridge is in Southern Utah and I am riding the rear motorcycle.
I used an old crazy quilt for the base, and added the picture, words, and embellishments. I tried to incorporate the road into the crazy quilt (the yellow line) to express how art reflects the life of the artist.


Naturegirl said...

The peace robbers have hit again. I
find this post extremely profound because in spring /04 I experienced the "journey" of breast cancer! I reflected on that journey in my post of Mar./06 "solid ground". It amazes me how our spirits connect all these miles apart!:)I had not expected this from blogging!

arttealife/onecrabapple said...

This is awesome Cat.

The modern photo ties to the old crazy quilt of life so perfectly.

The road dashes were an inspired detail that makes it all happen!

You are so good at this.

I like seeing something made from before I became aquainted to you.

Enlarged on the screen it is so fun to look at all of the details.

To see you flying down the highway...

Micki said...

Another cool piece. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for letting me know that your test samples with the C88 didn't bleed. I just printed a bunch of labels earlier for some wall quilts and they seem to have turned out okay.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Baumcat. My good friend naturegirl told me to check out your site and what a delight it is. Your words and quilts are beautiful and so soulful. Your post on the peace robbers in particular really resonated with me. TWT