Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pool Play

Everyone has been so caring and terrific about Blue, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

He is back to his playful self. Still sleeps in a few extra minutes but then he hits the floor running as normal. These pictures were taken Sunday in the pool. He is not a good swimmer but enjoys floating on the lounges and playing ball.
He will stay on a special diet and take the medicine here on out and I think we will be able to enjoy a few more years together! Yahoooo.

Again, Thanks so much to all for your responses when I posted my worries on the blog.


Anonymous said...

Whoo! Hoo! You go, Blue! I was shocked by these lively pics today! :-)

Anonymous said...

Blue looks great! Thanks for the update. He is just so precious. JOY

One Crabapple said...

That Precious Blue !

( you didn't tell about how he likes to steal tomatos BTW !)

I love these photos and I am amazed he was up and in the pool after all of that.

I can't imagine getting up and having fun that quickly after a trauma.

I am going to keep Blue's attitude in the back of my mind !

Just so glad to see him up and going.

Love the pool shots. They always look so fresh and make me feel like I can almost be IN THE POOL in this horrible heat !


Cat said...

Stealing tomatoes... I'll have to catch him in the act with my camera...then I'll post it!
Yep, we all need a Jack Russels attitude (and energy)!

Dotee said...

Hi there

Just found your blog through Colette's!
Love the photo's of Blue. He looks like quite a character. And is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I know Debbie Reed, and saw your comment on her blog.
I clicked on your name and I saw you cute little Jack!
I have two little rascals! They are fun little dogs! I have a smoothe coat and a wire coat both males.
Bundles of energy! :)