Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tomato Time!

Yummmmm... I love the first tomatoes off the vines.
BLT's are on the menu!


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

There is nothing like a fresh vine tomato! The photo is wonderful, the three stages makes my mouth water too!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What yummy looking tomato, and just the thought of a BLT dripping tomato juice is like a little bit of Heaven. Happy tomato gathering - hope you have many. Joy (with my mouth watering!)

kansasrose said...

I'll be right over with fresh baked crunchy peasant loaf bread...or do you prefer plain white? Love that 'mater photo! What variety are they? :D

Cat said...

I planted 2 Roma, 2 Early Girl, 1 Cherry and 2 of those new Sweet Vine type (name?). This picture is an Early Girl.

Cruncy peasant loaf sounds wonderful for my BLT!

Naturegirl said...

YUMO! Love the contrast of the purple behind a delicious photos!

Cat said...

I didn't notice the purple till now! It's my weed-block. W/life so busy as it is, I take the gardening short cuts... weed-block saves hours and hours and also keeps the soil nice and warm. Plus I use an easy water system of a pvc hose with holes drilled in it at the rows to evenly distribute the water.

I'm a self taught gardener... my first attempt at gardening I dug the rows, and planted in the ditches! (Silly city girl, huh!)

snowsparkle said...

hi cat... i agree with nature girl... that purple is a wonderful backdrop! i envy your tomatoes... my son and i eat them like candy. i'll have to head to the farmer's market soon (i have no space to garden and no time even if i did.) did you ever hear the piece by garrison keiller titled "tomato butt"? it's a pretty funny story.

arttealife/onecrabapple said...

You didn't tell about Blue !

(yes I am almost gone ! just passing time waiting to go)

AND I am hungry !
This looks YUM !

Old Green Thumb Cat !

(tell em about yer pie.....)

Colette said...

I find the scent of REAL tomatoes very heady. And I love eating them too. That BLT sounds mouthwatering.

One Crabapple said...

Hola Chica ! From the library in San Miguel !

oh Cat...wish you were HERE !!

We have a cook ! She is FANTISTICO ! She cooks all day and serves us supper at two. We have a cerveza with lunch and then !! A siesta.

Purty Swweeet as we old ladies like to say.

You belong here w- us. It is so great.

Nothing like I have experienced Mexico to be before. Very different here.

Have to try to figure out how to email T. now....

Love, S.