Friday, July 14, 2006

This week's collages

This past week I tasked myself with making both a boyish collage and a girlish collage. The black and white picture of this boy and his dog printed out very detailed and fine. I went with Americana colors on it and it is called "Patches of Yesterday".

The girlie one I used soft pictures of a cat and a dog and called it "Sweet Companions". For the pink flowers I sketched them on paper, scanned, printed on fabric and colored in with colored pencils and added beads in the centers.

These are a bit different than my normal crazy quilt collages.

I'll put both on ebay along with the fabric book this weekend.


One Crabapple said...

Cat these are great.

yes , they are different from your usual quilts.

I like to see you and your new ideas coming fast and furious !!!

Love the button thing -as you know- on the Patches of Yesterday (and what a cute photo- it is perfect. Love the colors too.

The Sweet Companions is just adorable and I love that you sketched, printed and sewed on top of that...

You are a very Creative Artist and I love to see what comes next.

katiejayinpa said...

Awwwwwwww, these are nice

katiejayinpa said...
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Anonymous said...

From Joy: More beautiful creations, you are soooo full of wonderful ideas - and they are all so beautifully done. So glad you share your many talents with us.

Beth said...

Oh,,I love both of them!!! I just bought the new fall issue of Clothe,Paper and scissors,,lots of great ideas in it too!